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What We Can Do For You

At Integrous we say, "We have your back from beginning to end".  What this means is that we understand every aspect of your healthcare company, from helping you get more of those valuable customers to the final steps of the billing process.  There are a lot of steps in between so we want you to know that you are not just getting a billing company but you are getting a partner that will help navigate your business.  A partner that wants to help you succeed and grow your business while delivering the very best care at the highest industry standards.  

With our experienced team you can have industry leaders, working along side of you in billing, coding, revenue cycle management, sales development, report processing, branding, making sense of the upcoming CMS changes, and leadership strategies.  This is how you can meet your goals and ideals quickly.

Here is our Mission Statement, "Our purpose is to offer the very best billing and revenue cycle management practices to our partners all over the U.S.  Through superior consulting and coaching our goal is to help build more efficient and stronger businesses that serve patients with the best of care".

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integrous, your partner in success

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer superior billing and revenue cycle management practices to our partners all over the U.S.  Through superior consulting and coaching, our goal is to help build stronger businesses that serve patients with the best of care.

Our approach is simple!  First, we listen to your "WHY".  All successful businesses lead with their "WHY".  When a company starts with their "WHY" and they are able to communicate that to the world success  follows.  Companies that can define their "WHY" are the companies that inspire us and lead us to promote their brands us to and we do so unknowingly.  We put their symbols on our cars and proudly display their icons.  Just ask any Apple consumer why they will not even entertain the idea of purchasing something other than Apple products.  We buy into their "WHY" and somehow their values and ours are aligned.  People will use your services once they are convinced of your "WHY".

Next is your "WHAT", and it is that thing that keeps you up at night.  Your "WHAT" are the areas in your organization that need attention.  The things that are not operating at optimal performance.  The simple truth is, you cannot be an expert at everything.  A great example of this can be billing, understanding upcoming Medicare changes or simply knowing how to increase your sales.  However do not worry!  Everyone needs help and it all doesn't have to rest on your shoulders.  Integrous can help you with your "WHAT".

Finally, "WHERE" do you want your company or organization to go?  Is your "WHERE" stellar billing practices, revenue cycle management, increased sales volume or branding your company to line up with your "WHY"?  We have a proven track record of taking companies to places they only dreamed about and we usually get there faster too!  So, this is our "WHY".  The reason we exist.  Call us or email us and see the Integrous difference.


integrous, your partner in success!


Our Experience

The Integrous team has over 40 years of combined billing and consulting expertise.  We KNOW business and what it takes to survive and thrive in a constantly changing industry.  Integrous understands that Cash is KING and that getting claims paid the first time with maximum reimbursement will accomplish this goal.  Doing business in an ever-changing  healthcare environment is challenging at best, so we partner with our clients to help them navigate through the smallest details.  We understand often the key to success is doing more with less and we assist our clients with in evaluating and streamlining their operations.  More efficient operations can have a direct impact on improving cash flow.


Why Us?

Integrous believes in partnering with our clients so we can make a difference in your company or organization.  Integrity is a core value to us, so important that we made it part of our name!  Striving to keep things simple and straightforward is the Integrous way.  Remember, we have your back and our success is dependent on your success.


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We focus on helping companies in the healthcare industry grow through effective billing, consulting, revenue cycle management and effective strategies that encourage growth and efficiency.  Go to our "Contact Us" button at the top of the page and call or email us today.  We can set up an appointment and get you on your way to  finding the solutions that your company needs with a customized approach that will give you peace of mind.

integrous has what you need.

Free Coaching

Get your own free Integrous coach from day one.  Your coach will help you navigate and guide you to success.

Welcome To Isupport. The Integrous Support System

We always provide ongoing coaching on Medicare, Commercial Insurance and billing issues.  You will have access to experts for ALL of your companies needs.

100% Risk Free!!!

No set up fees. No hidden costs.  Cancel at anytime.  Easy, clear and transparent.

Billing For All Payers

Diversify your income by accepting more than just Medicare.  We can coach you on taking VA, PPO, HMO, Medicade and workers compensation.  Also, learn about how to integrate outliers and other specialty programs.

Daily and Monthly Reporting

When you are with Integrous you will receive daily and monthly reporting.  You will know exactly what you need to do to hit your monthly goals on cash flow which means you will have daily reports that remind you what your team needs to do so you can get paid.

Real-Time Claims Processing

Cash flow is the life blood of any company.  Our Real-Time Claims Processing will have your company getting paid faster and usually we can increase your profits by 10-15%.  This also allows you to use your current staff to be deployed in other areas.  We will bill everyday so you don't have too!